Monday, June 25, 2007

The Promise

The Promise
(Chen Kaige, 2006)

Little girl bashes little boy in face w/ helmet, loses bread, grows up to be to be the cat's meow, but can never know true love. Had something to do w/ a lady that resembled Final Fantasy boss concept art.

A really awful movie that makes little sense and the cg is basically prerendered PS One intro movies. Rotten Tomatoes give is a 32%, but I find that a bit harsh and would give it a 35% due to the cgi forest bathing scene in which the viewer witnesses some seriously hot twenty something hong kong booty. Had me thinking dry hump. After a brief search there are currently no nudie pics of the actress and interest has been lost. Don't watch it ever for any reason, unless you only watch the surprised young filly hide her boobs which involves squeezing them together (uber hot). Whom ever recommended this to me will no longer have their suggestions validated by my hand.

Not recommended

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Very quick plug here for the most promising critter to stagger out of the Redmond campus and into the interwubs in recent memory: Photosynth.

Here it is being debuted at TED:

Style of the season: New Rave

Excuse me for writing something that's soooo 2007, but NME just had a big thing about New Rave and today I just saw something in The Stranger about it as well, and i wanted to share my thoughts.


First off, I hate the name, however you spell it (New Rave or Nu Rave), although, on a side note, i'm still looking forward to nu-noise as the ultimate death rattle of the "nu" label. But yeah, the name stinks more than IDM.

Second, look at the guy to my left. Please. New rave looks like a clumsy attempt to bring electroclash back, and ends up just being shit. Dance punk born again? Lame.

Third, speaking of dance punk, what's rave-ish about this?


New Young Pony Club

Nothing electronic about it, except maybe a synth line or two here or there. It's a fine dance punk track, but it's breaking no new ground. And I hate this trend in music now to create a new genre every year and declare the old genre dead, only to create a bunch of hype! Then all the shitty "new" bands remix each other and cross promote to create a new "scene". Then the process starts over again next year. It's retarded. How many genres do we need? I thought 90s electronic filled up every possibility (Uplifting Progressive Trance anyone?)!

HOWEVER, I would like to see some new, sexy electronic music come out and stir people into dancing again. If I had it my way, and could have shaped "Nu Rave", it would have been called Hard Wave (i'd use Hard House, but that was used in the early 90s) and feature sounds like this:

Klaxons (the best "new rave" have to offer, btw, and only a few songs)


Vicarious Bliss

Busy P

Basically, I guess I'm guity of just wanting everyone to look at France's Ed Banger Records... But seriously, give me dirty synths! Give me some beats! Give me something a little new at least! New Rave is what's getting media attention? Dance Punk under a new label? Do yourself a favor and don't support this shit and check out something else. With any luck this trend will die out by the end of summer.

Pyrat XO Reserve

Pyrat XO Reserve

I went searching for a new rum the other day and got recommended this little beauty. While I should probably focus on taste first, check out this bad-assery:

Round, thick, jug-styled bottle, with fatty, long cork, yellow and gold ribbons, and a little icon of a fat guy (web research says it's Hoti, the god of bartenders). Make no mistake: this sets the bar well above Bacardi on looks alone.

Opened, Pyrat XO Reserve, like it's appearance, was all class. I enjoyed it on the rocks (well, one large rock thanks to these huge ice cube trays I got), and was immediately was struck by its sweet and spicy aroma. And, I have to say, i was completely won over by the first sip. Sweet, roasted sugar cane, with smoky oak, vanilla and spices (cinnamon?). Left me feeling like i could drink A LOT more.

I'll be honest, I haven't really tasted many high quality rums before, but Pyrat (the medieval word for Pirate, btw) made me feel like i wanna give up my love of whiskey for the summer and explore them, and why not? The taste is amazing and the price is a MUCH better! I'm not hating on whiskey, but when I can get a premium rum for 20 clams, compared to 35-50 for a good whiskey, what's not to like?

Further thoughts:

Pyrat XO Refresher
  • 2 oz Pyrat XO Reserve
  • Tonic
  • Lime Wedge

    Pour over rocks into bucket glass. Garnish with a squeezed lime.
Spiced Pyrat XO

Add cinnamon and nutmeg to taste. Serve over rocks or with coke.

Dark and Stormy
(thanks Hazelwood - this is a personal favorite)
  • 8 Oz Ginger Ale
  • 2 Oz Pyrat XO
  • Lime Wedge