Wednesday, September 26, 2007


We last left our B-Boy crew as they were abouts to be "rapists to death" by either A) a horde of Peasants, or 2) some bad-ass Nightswatch who told Jonas to go "f" himself. That was at least 5 sessions ago and the outcome of that incident was this: Lily coup de graced 2 pinned Black Brothers and poisoned the mortally wounded Ser Meryk. Other notable happenings were the death of Nomar (though his spirit is rumored to be seen shredding on a double-necked guitar where ever and whenever the word "brutal" can be used.) and the stewardship of Lord Karstark.

Jonas Glover then led an expedition of 40 men into the North to find the mysterious "Weapon of Power" or "WoP." Turns out there are ghosts and undead and shit up there and half the party is killed. The other half is taken "guest" with some wildlings until the undead kill ALL OF THEM! (And some of us.) On the plus side, Keldrin got a sweet undead vaporizing bow and the party leveled. Even the new guy, Therock (The Rock,) played by Steve.

"Undead horde... threatening the North... not a lot we can do." says the party to Lord Karstark upon their return.

"I bid thee go and fetch your zombie head... unleash upon the world what has been unleashed upon me!" Lord Karstark bellowed with a sickening pelvic thrust for good measure.


"Zombies everywhere! Kings Landing is being overrun by Others! Oh, what ungodly sin has our King committed to bring such a fowl, plague upon us?!"

The group looks back and forth at the spreading zombie infestation. It isn't said aloud, but you can tell that they all are feeling that killing those two hookers and making them zombies for the good of the Kingdom... might have been a mistake.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The ever-present death knell of radio

Far from a new phenomenon (folks have been predicting the demise and subsequent resurrection of radio and DJs alike since before the advent of “telefilm” and car-based “records”), yet depressing nonetheless:
Recently I was in a meeting with Charles Bronfman, one of the wealthiest men in Canada and a great philanthropist. He was relating a story at one point about a teenager he met who said she didn’t understand the point of the radio. “Why would I want someone else to pick my playlist?” she asked Bronfman.

via Mental Floss