Wednesday, April 30, 2008


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Buchla Music Easel

Those with even a passing interest in sound synthesis and/or the bending of circuits owe it to themselves to check out the following video, also available in HD.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sanshô dayû

Shanso the Bailiff
(Kenji Mizoguchi, 1954)

Family (royal) torn asunder, sold into servitude.

Second viewing of this fellow. Amazing stuff. Pretty freakin' heavy tho. I can see where most aren't going to like since they'll have to think while watching. Makes a stitch of sense why the ancient French dug on this shiz. Feminist types should enjoy for study of women's role in JP society. Heavy on social commentary on other levels as well. Might be the first old JP film I've seen where I did not recognize any of the actors. Feels longer than it is. BEAUTIFULLY shot. Dialog is pretty sharp, recall the same for umm... what was it... Ugetsu monogatari (which got me a bit emotional and the Books have sampled).

RECOMMENDED (but more for academically minded)

nnnnaaaahhnrgh nrrrr

Dead Man's Shoes
(Shane Medows, 2004)

Vengeance exacted on retard's behalf.

What a lovely little corner of the world the British Isles are! Wonderful costuming. Seemingly appropriate musical scoring. Totally sweet bolt action action! Best usage of the word cunt in a film from 2004, I'm sure. All characters are very "so-what" or nobodies. A story that could be anywhere really, but something more interesting about it being quieter versus big city. Shades of I'll Sleep When I'm Dead, perhaps?