Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ay, there's The Rub

NYC-based hip-hop DJ collective The Rub have apparently been hard at work on a series of historical mixtapes—one for each year since 1979. More importantly, all of the releases, which so far stretch to the end of the millenium, can be had on mp3 at their website for frizzle.

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

No End in Sight

(Charles Ferguson, 2007)

Outlines the poor decision process which yields today's Iraq.

Documentary. So pretty much goes into detail about various poor choices which has made Iraq an absolute cluster fuck. Lessee... from the film it doesn't look like the administration was in it for oil, democratization, uh, peacekeeping? More like somebody just really really really had the need to beat down Saddam and didn't think about anything else. Fortunately, no weird 3D photos in this one. Fairly mellow soundtrack, could have used a bit more ambient sound. Bit heavy handed w/ montages at the fore and aft. Just give me the plump, I do not require the appeal to emotions. That will be handled thru media snippets and interviews. None of the interviewees came across as wackos. Sane, straight forward presentation. No sensationalism. Suggest watching also The Power of Nightmares.


Crazy Love

(Dan Klores, 2007)

Loose nut gets woman to cave.

TRUE STORY. DOCUMENTARY. Yeah, well probably the best example of not letting go until the goal has been obtained, despite the lives ruined along the way. Ah... New York Jews don't age well? Like these people were uglier than usual. And then there was the fellow who looked a bit like the character art from the flop gaming title Kain & Lynch. Hrm, pretty standard documentary fare. Awesome soundtrack (until the end). Cool photos, however, many of them were ruined by that "let's make them look 3D and zoom around in them and stuff" manner which I guess is supposed to attract attention. Felt odd, as though the documentary wants you to sympathize and be cool about how things turned out. Sad really.

Not recommended

Det Sejunde Inseglet

The Seventh Seal
(Ingmar Bergman, 1957)

Doubtful Crusader seeks respite to seek knowledge in the face of the plauge.

But really the star character is the squire. Tough, true to his, witty, and centered. All aspects of the story feel well developed. AND HOLY COW! What they've to say about SVENSK ladies is true... even the kinda ugly one is still pretty hot. Dialouge is sharp! Esp betwixt death and Antonius Block (raddest name ever) & to a fairly even degree just about anything his squire utters. Stark, well composed, no need for cultural knowledge.



Got 80 minutes to kill? You do now. YEAH....

hot/cold chicken noodle salad

1) bake some chicken yesterday
1a) hopefully you put it in the fridge, otherwise FAIL
2) today, boil your fav noodle, but not too long. firmness is desirable
3) get out chicken and cut into pieces that are pleasing to you
4) drain noodles and let sit until you get bored
5) put noodles in a receptacle appropriate for eating
6) add red pepper flakes (like pizza joint) to noodles
7) add chicken bits
8) add pepper to the top of it all
9) observe your creation
10) masticate