Saturday, November 3, 2007

not a martial arts film

Curse of the Golden Flower
(Yimou Zhang, 2006)

Mother fucks son, son fucks sister.

The movie that wishes it were Hero, but was not close. Not at all, not even a little. Grandiose hand built stages interrupted by embarrassing CG backdrops. Slow poke story line alleviated by all too rare and wholly unsatisfying fight scenes. Why does the blood look so bad? HOLY COW!! Gong Li has some amazing cans. Same for young supporting actress. This film did nothing to cause me to rethink martial art films as the box back claimed, but damn, it did cause me to rethink my stance on Chinese women w/ their tats bound tight and popping outta dress tops.

general flow of film : BORING, jesus! nice rack, BORING, BORING, whoa that dood has sickle in his back, YES! fucking archers!, BORING, wow, i enjoy large breasted women running and riding horses, BORING, FIGHT SCENE (anh, not that great), etc. etc. ad nausea

Oh but the part where the chick gets kicked in the ute is hella

Not recommended