Friday, August 29, 2008

Drunken Angel

Yoidore tenshi
(1948, Akira Kurosawa)

Sot doc cares for the underbelly.

Wavers between pretty darn good and amazing. Compact. Insanely fitting score. Never slow. Each portion lasts the right amount and adds upon the last.


Saturday, August 9, 2008

she was right, it really doesn't make a lasting impression

I am Legend
(Francis Lawrence, 2007)

Army guy fights virus, vampire/zombie critters.

ok, ok, ok. SO just realized I hadn't BLOGGED about Omega Man yet I'll go ahead w/ this since well here we are. OK several issues here: CG looks like shit. Why is Neville such a pussy in this version? Thanks for all the product placement. And loud noises after a pause do not mean INTENSE it means poor design. Pretty much anything that you'd think a film producer to think the public would find cool was here. I <3 how Neville's rifle has every goddamn accessory known to man on it, just like the cover of gun magazines! W/ Neville's character being such a candy ass my theory is that he was made such since most all Americans are candy asses and they need to be able to identify w/ the main character. Uh... lame-o conflict between top zombie and Neville. City was too destroyed. Didn't look right, looked over done like "OH SHIT THE WORLD ENDED, GET IT?" WHY did Neville not hunt down the zombie menance like in Omega Man and Last Man on Earth? What was w/ all the pushing God stuff? I was pleased by the effect of a grenade tho. Again, CG looks awful. Where were all the corpses? The deer in the city was kinda cool, but not really because the CG sucked. Cars driving around in CG... ok here's the rub. Looked totally lame and all floating like. Even the most basic car videogames the rigs appear grounded. WTH people? LAMEST method of building sorrow into the main character. A bit torqued by contemporary media's portrayal of military folks as wusses such as the squabble between the wife and he. GEEZ o petes. Give me a break. This was part 3 of a 4 part study around the story of I am Legend. Part 4 shall be reading the orginal text. Seeing how the films fall short so far Omega Man is the top film, The Last Man on Earth in second and I am Legend not even placing.

NOT recommended

Friday, August 8, 2008

why cant we be friends?

Hell in the Pacific
(John Boorman, 1968)

Marooned enemies face off.

Something of a character study. Nearly impossible to like Lee Marvin's character. Low amt of spoken word. WHICH IS SWEET. A bit of compassion shines thru the pre-established enemy-ship. Fairly rad about how little teamwork is needed to survive. It is quite clear that Mifune's character had things under control. Marvin is totally the loud asshole american. Choice scenery. Much in the way of stylization I'd say, but not a turn off. The intent of each moment is clearly shown and appropriately. Dug the colors. Dug the lack of subtitles. Two endings if you get the right DVD. I saw the theatrical release for the US. From what my real tyte homeboi tells me the other ending was released in other markets. Good luck! If you care. I didn't. Still don't.


My hero!

Purple Rain
(Albert Magnoli, 1984)

Talented prick comes of age.

And then there was Purple Rain. OMG. Part way thru this film I realized this is about me! I like motorcylces. I am a temperamental, sensitive, highly talented, and highly misunderstood artist. I have a sweet hair cut. I look gooooood naked (maybe 30% of the film Prince is shirtless). But yeah, killer OST. Killer costuming. TOTAL BOOB SHOT. Geez, that Apollonia chick is my-tee-fyne. Can't really get enough of that, nossiree bob. Acting is uh... spotty. I get the feeling many of the actors were really musicians? OH MAN, love the stage sequences. The domestic disputes! Prince all being hella badass "Come out here mother fucker!" THE DRAMA! Highly entertaining. One of the few what I shall consider "rock" movies that is worth viewing. Just tons and tons of fun.

Recommended most definitely

subtly hardcore

The Last Man on Earth
(Ubaldo Ragona, 1964)

Aging Everyday Man fights off hordes of zombies.

100% w/o a doubt the best use and portrayal of zombies. Second part of four part study concerning the book I am Legend. Nearly completely lacking in soundtrack. Wife character was pretty hot. Little girl character was pretty much the reason why I do not want children. Nice desolate atmosphere, but perhaps a bit trim for the apocalypse. LOVE the voice over commentary/monologue of the main character all like narrating what he's doing. Not entirely sure what to call it. Total cheese, but still pretty BA. Big fan of the lathe in the living room. All makin' heck of stakes. All spending the daylight hours driving them thru the hearts of zombies. SO LEGIT. Also legit was the lady from the group. I have no idea where they found her, but holy cow... brutally attractive. Sure do not see em like that anymore.

Recommended as a sit around w/ friends and beer movie night