Monday, July 30, 2007


Role playing (yes, we role play!) was ended on a rather suspenseful note this evening as Jim decided to objectively search for justice/truth instead of *ahem* "doing the right thing." We left our characters in the midst of a riot in B.F.E. as 80-some cleave fodderers... oh, excuse me... villagers descended upon Jim, Marion, and Riley.

Whether or not they "descended upon" Steve is unknown at this point in time seeing as how he was in pseudo-support of killing the villagers' enemies. Tighe, may or may not be in danger of said "descending" seeing as how he may or may not have told the villagers to attack. Riley accused him of changing his mind post-turn, but Tighe insists that had all the facts been presented up front, his character would not have acted in the fashion he did. I am sure that the argument will be long and drawn out with many hurt feelings and many, Go fuck yourself!'s.






Find out next week in A Game of Thrones!

Me not smart


In The Know: Is Our Wealth Hurting AfricaĆ¢��s Feelings?

I felt that this was worthy of attention. Kudos to The Onion.


Daft Punk is playing at my arena

As quoted in some forum somewhere: "Don't worry, they'll probably tour again in TEN YEARS."

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Jacob's Ladder

Jacob's Ladder
(Adrian Layne, 1990)

Traumatized Vietnam vet copes w/ demons, barely.

Total mind fu**. Hot chick's boobs. Inspiration for Silent Hill, no doubt. Robbins, man wow, good work. Hey why does this film look so rad? Is it because IT IS SHOT ON FILM? Man who would have thought film looks better than digital? Long live the old ways! Not much else to say w/o spoiling it.


Shanghai Triad

Shanghai Triad
(Yimou Zhang, 1995)

Country bumpkin becomes boy servant to mob boss mistress.

Hilarity does not ensue. More or less a strange film that is rather well done. Though incredibly cheesy the soundtrack is most fitting. Uses first person camera shots better than Doom the movie (imagine that). Lesson learned : Chinese gangs are frickin' evil.


Battleship Potemkin

Battleship Potemkin
(Sergei M. Eisenstein, 1925)

Starved & abused Russian sailors claw for supremacy against the man.

Lovely little silent film. Well er, rather no talking, but heck of music. Amazing stunts, d00ds i'm pretty sure actually getting their asses kicked. Babies getting shot. Cossacks all jackin' fools. Tight little piece illustrating the struggles of the decaying Romanov society. Additional reading : The Fleet That Had to Die.


Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Accidental Tourist

The Accidental Tourist
(Lawrence Kasdan, 1988)

Slain child rends relationship, welsh corgi sparks a new one.

Personally reminded why I'm a bad person, but not moved to evolve. Hurt is phenomenal. Turner is Turner. Davis is a complete babe. Normal yet quite believably boring folk struggle right on thru all the lame bits in life. Well, the lame bits that come from the need to have complex personal relationships not so much bills and things. Initially feeling a bit long in the tooth, yet at climax, yes this story needs that much time.



"If ever there were a gym in my house I'd have these ladies watch over me," thought a younger version of the self while gawking at the neon bikini clad girls in the Payless poster rack. But really while curling in front of a mirror it occurs that Volvo was right raddest thing to put on a battle standard is you.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

le auto

The little blue book says my car is worth a lot more than I thought it was, even it its semi-decrepit state. Am now seriously mulling over a trade-in for another (better) used car at some point. Old Mercedes and Volvos look especially tempting, though 40+mpg in a Golf TDi (not to be confused) ain't particularly sneeze-worthy.

A place on the eastside even retrofits old Volvo wagons with new(ish) diesel engines, which I find admirable if a tad fetishistic. Same dealership sells smart cars, is big on biodiesel, etc., so I can understand the intended demographic.

Anywho, upshot: I seem to have a thing for European vehicles. I blame the Pweegit, my first and best (of two?) automobile.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Short Bus

Short Bus
(sometime recent, nobody cares)

Some gay dudes, some lesbians, some dominatrix, some broken marriage, some New Yorkers caught up on themselves.

Forgettable, but fortunately not regret inducing. As far as stories of "sexual deviants" go, not that great. Mysterious Skin is far and away a better movie. Then again the comparison is really apples to oranges where the oranges represent a lame movie and the apple represents the raddness that is Mysterious Skin. Best part is when the asian check exposes her vagina and Volvo said something like, "ha you can see her cooter." Outside of that, meh.

Not recommended

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Reborn on the 4th of July: Oliver Stone can shove it.

I arrived home from biking with Kristina at around 4pm on Wednesday to find (in order of appearance) Steve, Michael, Noah, Angie, Adam and Gay-Mexican Andrew. Adam and Noah were well into thier respective malt liquor 6-packs... 16 ounce cans mind you. After saying hello and taking a shower, I then proceeded to ciesta w/ Kristina.

Upon waking, I discovered that Noah and Adam were well on thier way to awesomeness and were becoming increasingly abusive towards others. Noah to, of course, Angie, and Adam to G.M.A.. Steve fired up the grill and we all listened to music until the temperature was jussssssssssst right. Adam and Noah's abusiveness continued.

Food was cooked and eaten 1 hour before the time Riley was told to arrive. Fast forward to Riley's arrival...

...Riley arrives. With Sangria and bab ganouj.

Angie is now drunk and enters a pact with Adam and Michael to eat a McPherson's jalapeno. Hilarity ensues. There is about 15 minutes of footage of Adam crying and spitting in the sink, (probably the source of the blockage now that i think about it) on the same reel that captured him dancing and Noah fighting with Angie.

Adam then collapses on the deck as Angie does flying jumps into Steve's beanbag. That's what she said.

Need to restart... will continue later.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

While I... happy to be earning "cheese," a new euphemism for skrilla, I find the day-to-day happenings of XML work tiresome and oh-so-monotaneous. Today is my second day, and I have reformatted (Ghost Image type reformatting) my machine 33 times! I have found that getting up and watching the heavier employees play Wii tennis is a good way to pass the time , and there are low-sugar juices (free(awesome)) near there so I can occupy myself by trying one of each flavor every 2 hours. I just finished off a Mango-Apple-Pear. It was less than amazing. I believe that I am the only person to partake in the free no-sugar Juices, everyone else seems to be drinking Mountain Dew or Diet Pepsi. Funny thing though, they drink the diet version of the drink, but they drink 5-10 cans a day. Also, 60% of the people I work with are wearing sweatpants.

(say "i like cheese") I LIKE CHEESE I LIKE CHEESE I LIKE CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you like cheese as much as these kids?

Do you go gay with cheese? ----------->

I thought so. Well gather 'round then, gentle readers, because I've just made the cheese discovery of my frickin' life!

Cheese is kinda a hard one to figure out. Some of it tastes like cheddar, is delicious, and comes in flavors like "sharp" or "medium." Pretty much you can field this one on your own. Other cheese smells like sweaty crotch and tastes like something i'm not going to put into print. How do you know what to choose?!?!? Well let me explain it to you via an analygy of David and Goliath! That's right: the tiny, prepubescent, warrior tot who went after a school yard bully of colossal proportions! A biblical shrimp versus whale! And how, dear reads, does our embryonic David take this leviathan out? He zings him in the frickin' head with a pebble!!!!!!! Oh, and what's this? In a twist of cruel fate, it seems the pebble has the force of a rocket and the giant is pushin' up the daisies! Hella unlikely you say? HELLA LIKELY SAYS THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL!!!!! Apparently, there's this disorder called Acromegaly, which basically causes the pituitary gland to suck up and produce hella growth hormones, like some sort of crazed body building BOWFLEX commercial reject, causing you to, you guessed it, get HUGE!

But oh no! Looks like giant size comes with a giant downfall! Because, as some know-it-all scientists say in THIS ARTICLE, most common causes of Acromegaly is a frickin' HUGE tumor in your frickin' pituitary gland! OH THE HUMANITY!

So let's say, gentle reader, that Goliath, being apparently SIX frickin' CUBITS in height (one cubit is equal to 125 miles, give or take), had this acromegaly calamity and so, LOGICALLY, had a frickin' huge-ass tumor! Then our flea hero, David, comes along and frickin' NAILS the side of Goliath's head, causing his large pituitary tumor to HELLA hemorrhage to shit, causing, YOU GUESSED IT, SUDDEN AND TOTAL DEATH!!!!!!!!!

So what does this have to do with cheese? WELL IT'S A FRICKIN' AWESOME STORY! WHAT DO YOU WANT? But fine! Like... the more you research about stuff, the more sense it makes or something...

ANYWAY, so yeah, this cheese I found is called Halloumi Grilling Cheese, and the packaging leads me to believe it's made by these shepherds from Cyprus, who i'm pretty sure might kill wolves with their bare hands to defend their flock (BAD ASS).
Ok, well these potential BAD ASSES make some frickin' AWESOME cheese! Haloumi, which I would describe as a semisoft cheese, has these tiny flecks of mint, and GRILLS to perfection! That's right! It doesn't melt, it toasts! I mean, i GUESS you could eat uncooked slices (salty!), or grate it on salads and pastas, but why ruin the experience??!? So sit in your boxers (or scandalous panties) and grill up slice after delicious slice of this MANA from the GODS!

You can find it at your local Middle Eastern market or specialty grocer! What's stopping you?

Monday, July 2, 2007

Seed of the Sesame

My God but Tahini is delicious. I know I must've used it in a hummus batch here or there, and likely thought it mouth-desertifying and somewhat bland/bitter, but I ran accorss it at this late date only because our dear friend Tighe had mentioned the making of Baba Ghanouj.



Akin somewhat to its bastard cousin peanut butter, and hardly worthy of comparison to that confused confection the "almond butter," this baby is (I imagine) good on toast, crackers, pita, and floor. Seriously. It might not change your life. But it will make you happy. If taken with liberal doses of chianti. Stop. Drunk blogging = truncated sentences and limited complexity of thought. Paging Hemingway.






All 14 Jul 2007 and sh**! do it , bring friends , bring enemies , bring your JDM TYTE enthusiasm and leave your player hating behind!

Three Thieves - Bandit Wine!

Three Thieves!

It's been a while, but I'm back on board again, and, I have to say, what a great wine!

The story?
Via their website, it seems the Three Thieves are industry veterans "with lots of friends with too much wine."

The plot?
Take selections of great wine, which are in excess, and throw them into a box (which looks suspiciously like a soy milk container, btw) and sell it for cheap ($5.99 at QFC).

The score?
Surprisingly good! While the quality varies from time to time based on what wines are in excess, I've found that Bandit consistently puts many more expensive wines to shame! Also, the 1 liter box will get you where you wanna go, for those of you who find that a single bottle of wine doesn't quite do the trick anymore. Other sizes include the 250 ml "Bullet", which comes in a four pack, and a jug, which i've never seen before.

As for the the types of wine, my favorite so far is their Cabernet Sauvignon. Very smooth, with a clear fruit taste (cherry?). Easy to drink down quick, if that's your game, or sip throughout the night.

Also, the lightweight and portable container makes this bad boy very easy to smuggle into your event of choice (movie theaters are mine).

So go head and quaff away. If you don't like it, then you're out $5.