Sunday, February 27, 2011

79min Short

Before I Self Destruct
(50 Cent, 2009)

Former baller struggles to support genius little brother.

If I followed the credits correctly, written, directed, produced, music by Curtis Jackson. So that makes it pretty much awesome. Oh, and the fact it's on disc 2 of the album by the same title equals extra cookies. Action sequences were awesome, fast, brutal. Real life vomiting! Leadin' chick pretty hot. Love scene was interesting. Somehow they managed to show the entirety of the boobs, but never the nipple. The editor deserves a freakin' Oscar for that work since there is no way in hell the cherry on top should have not been visible w/ those angles. There's an interesting mix of "how it is" and fantasy in the film, er short, that adds a bit of whimsy. Such as the scene wherein Fiddy & his grocery store coworker are talkin' about a fly honey who comes into their humble house of employ compared to the wild over the top speech of the neighborhood king pin.

Overall, Hollywood would be wise to take some lessons from Mr. Jackson. 1) Guns 2) Blood 3) Broads 4) Keep it under 90min

If you're the kinda person to want to listen to 50 Cent albums beyond "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" then this film is for you!

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