Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cinema ended in 1991, nothing was left to be said

(Richard Linklater, 1991)

A menagerie of dorks, weirdos, losers, cheats, psychos, and assorted rabble.

Hands down of the greatest films on celluloid to-date. Wonderfully insightful and well woven peek into the life of all manner of strange birds; open type observed and seamlessly the next presented and allowed to describe itself. Many of these characters I met during the days at the junkyard and as such the shifty hot rodders hold a certain tender spot in my heart (ah yes, I know you well sneak parts-thru-the-fence guy and I have foiled you more than once). For those tangled up in this side of life it's an animated mug book. For those who wished they were cool, this will allow them to finally credibly make up stories about all those crazies they never really met.

Recommended, highly!

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