Saturday, February 14, 2015

wait it's set in korea, but about vietnam?

(Robert Altman, 1970)

Unrelentingly crude field surgeons romp 3 miles from the front.

Pleasingly well cast ( u E.Gould), oddly paced, sensation of deep background. To be sure based upon a text, as are most films, but modified to critique/discuss topics of the time. Or so scant research hath revealed. A spirited conversation w/ rrriles did ensue asking, "Have we, 'Murricah, proxy films re: Mid-East military excursions of the past 3-ish decades?" Converstaion courtesy Google Talk which Google is shutting down today, or soonish. Thank you Google for removing/changing yet another perfectly fine service and forcing yours truly into yet another overly heavy, unnecessarily option laced, pseudo-app. Jennywho. That is to say, are there films set in Vietnam, but about Desert Storm? Or really as stage for discussing . Oh, sorry, "policing action."

Right, so anyhow. At the core, M*A*S*H does indeed exude good filmness. However, best consumed by folks living thru the era, or those w/ better understanding of the social context. That said, as one might be interested, do look into such. A dated film at first blush, but truly a window into a day long gone by. Unlike say, Nighthawks.


Note: ❤ listed as HEAVY BLACK HEART. How accidentally topical. Is that serendipity? I'm not going to bother w/ looking the word up, so I'll never know. As you, dear reader, are more studious the truth shall be known.

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